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Software Engineer currently working with Android

Hello there! I am Karan.

I have been building softwares since 2012 and have a deep interest in Android; having designed, architected, tested and maintained innumerable Android projects. I have also closely worked with server teams to help them backend systems and develop APIs.

Nowadays I try to give back, as much as possible, to the amazing tech community through conferences, meetups, open-source contributions, talks and mentorships.

Talk to me about Android, Mobile or Technology in general!

Karan Trehan




Engineering Manager - Mobile

March 2021 - Present • Remote

  • Leading & managing the Discovery pod at Gopay (GoTo Financial)
  • Working with the team in evaluating new frameworks to build apps in
  • Working on standardizing the mobile interview process across gojek and gopay

Team Lead - Android

June 2020 - February 2021 • Remote

  • Lead the consumer pod Android team
  • Lead the team in integrating an online bank in the Gojek app
  • Lead the team in rebuilding Transaction history for Gopay
  • Also participated in a standardizing the Android interview process at Gopay

Product Engineer : Android

January 2020 - June 2020 • Bengaluru, India

  • Working with the GoPay mobile team
  • Developed a currency helper for usage across all Gojek products
  • Developed the GoPay Home Bar

Senior Android Developer

June 2018 - December 2019 • Mumbai, India

  • Responsible for developing features for the consumer app with 50K daily active users at that time
  • Designed and led the Kotlin + MVVM migration of the app
  • Setup & contributed to the official tech blog
  • Led the AR experiments for the organization using ArCore
  • Led the design and development of the internal analytics system on mobile
  • Led the migration of the orders features on the Android app
  • Developed the Gift registry module on the Android app
  • Developed the omnichannel module on the Android app
  • Developed the support module on the Android app


May 2017 - December 2018 • Remote

  • Classroom mentor for the Android Basics Nanodegree and Android Development programs.
  • Mentoring students for concepts, strategies, projects and the philosophy of Android development.

Senior Android Developer

April 2016 - June 2018 • Mumbai, India

  • Leading the development, testing and maintenance of all the Android solutions provided by the organization
  • Led & designed the offline-first development approach
  • Rearchitected the app from scratch to support low-end devices
  • Led the development of POS extension SDKs
  • Led the design of the autentication system rewrite
  • Created Android Studio templates to easily create glued components for screens
  • Developed an mSwipe extension app

Director : Innovative Technologies

January 2014 - March 2016 • Mumbai, India

  • Led the marketing and development efforts for the organization
  • Helped with sales as well as R&D
  • Led a team of 4 developers working on backend APIs and Android development
  • Led the development of POS extension SDKs
  • Developed systems for pharma, education, sports, voice, sports & security


November 2012 - March 2016 • Mumbai, India

  • Developed systems for internal products
  • Helped in Sales and R&D

Swapnil Karekar
Education Technology Developer

November 2012 - October 2013 • Mumbai, India

  • Developed websites for educational institutions using Joomla


Co-Organizer - GDG MAD

March 2018 - December 2020 • Mumbai, India

  • Helped the organizing team put together events for the tech community in Mumbai
  • Hosted multiple events like panels, webinars, etc
  • Hosted multiple roundtables where the entire audience would share ideas

Open Source


Action Handling On Android: A ‘GoPay Social’ Case Study

Technical details of the Android implementation for interactions on our social flows.


Rx vs Coroutines: Complex network chains on Android

Comparitive post on writing complex network chains on Android using Rx and Coroutines


Starwars - Showcase App

A sample modular Android app written in Kotlin using Rx, Koin, Coroutines and Architecture components


Kotlin Migration @ Pepperfry: Part Three - Learnings

Learnings from the ongoing MVVM + Kotlin migration @ Pepperfry.


Kotlin Migration @ Pepperfry: Part Two — Process

Process behind the MVVM + Kotlin migration @ Pepperfry for a better developer experience.


Kotlin Migration @ Pepperfry: Part One — Motivation

Motivation behind the MVVM + Kotlin migration @ Pepperfry lead by me.


The non-code aspects of us programmers

A look at the non-code aspects which make us great programmers and better persons.


To Synk or not to Synk

A guide to intelligent syncing of data in your offline-first Android apps to makes sure your app does not make repeated calls


Android @ Google I/O 2018

A repo summarizing all the important Android related launches, talks, discussions at the Google I/O 2018


Posts - Showcase App

A sample Android app using Kotlin, Dagger 2, RxJava, RxAndroid, Retrofit with a modular setup...


Writing a modular project on Android - Talk

@ MADMeetup - Feb, about the need and process for modularizing an Android app.


Writing a modular project on Android - Article

A guide to writing a modular Android app with Posts as the core example


Effective Networking On Android

A guide to effective networking on Android using Kotlin and Retrofit


GDD India - Reliving the days

@GDGMumbai GDDExtended, to help people understand what happened there off the camera & the feeling of being there.


Google Certifications - Be Distinct!

@ GDGMumbai DevFest, to promote various benefits and perks of being Google certified.


Recap of the Google IO 2017

@ MADMeetup June, to recap Google I/O 2017 from a user as well as developer point of view with concentration on Android.

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